HUPO World Congress 2023 Busan



会場:BEXCO Convention Hall(プサン、韓国)


HUPO World Congress 2023 Busan

HUPO World Congress 2023 Busan


ProtiFi社は、今回韓国・釜山で開催されたHUPO2023 World Congressに出展しました。参加者は約1,400人、協賛企業は約60社という規模の大きな学会でした。


特に、乾燥に時間がかかる手間を省略することで、通常のS-TrapTMよりもプロテオミクスのサンプル前処理時間をさらに短縮することができる「S-Trap TurboTM」には多くの関心が寄せられました。
興味のある方は、 ProtiFi社のサイトでポスターを見ることもできます。

他の96ウェルプレートと同様に、これらは自動化を目的として設計され、Tecan A200と連携することができます。

来年はドイツ・ドレスデンでHUPO2024 World Congressが開催される予定ですが、そこでまた発表できることを楽しみにしています。


ProtiFi exhibited at the HUPO 2023 World Congress, this year held in Busan, South Korea. With approximately 1400 participants and 60 exhibiting companies, it was quite a large conference. John, CEO of ProtiFi, and I attended the conference representing ProtiFi. We had a booth in the main exhibit hall, and spoke with around 200 participants who stopped by our booth during the event. I was in charge of demonstrating SimpliFiTM , our data analysis software, while John talked to our customers about how best to meet their research needs.

We were delighted to speak with many repeat customers who love the ease of use of the S-TrapTM and came to inquire about our new products and technologies. We presented a total of six posters introducing our new products and improvements to existing products, which will be released soon. In particular, there was a lot of interest in the S-Trap TurboTM, which can further reduce sample preparation time compared to the regular S-TrapTM by eliminating the time-consuming dry-down step. Those who are interested can view all of our new posters on the ProtiFi website:

John also gave a talk about our upcoming 384-well S-Trap plates, which will allow for even higher-throughput proteomics. Like our 96-well plates, these are designed for automation and work perfectly with the Tecan A200.

Overall, we felt this was a hugely successful conference for ProtiFi, and we look forward to exhibiting at next year’s HUPO 2024 World Conference in Dresden, Germany.

ProtiFi Jim.

HUPO World Congress 2023 Busan


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